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By Volt Lab
18 November 2020

Lead Acceleration kickstarts lead generation

lead generation

Finding enough time to uncover new prospects and qualify leads is a real challenge for Sales teams.

You need to be able to free up your team to do what they do best, but simply hiring more Pre-Sales Representatives or Business Development Managers (BDMs) isn’t always the right option.

Even placing a dedicated part-time or fulltime Sales Development Representative (SDR) through a third-party provider locks you in for extended periods without the ability to scale up or down. Meanwhile, generic telemarketing services are unable to engage in meaningful conversations and deliver inadequate results.

That’s why our Lead Acceleration solution makes a meaningful impact by delivering results fast. We build customised, integrated telesales campaigns to qualify and make appointments for your Sales team to close.

How can you benefit from Lead Acceleration?

With our scalable lead generation, lead qualifying and appointment setting solutions, you benefit from:

  • Focusing your valuable Sales team time on closing while leaving the qualifying and appointment setting to us.
  • Strategic planning and a comprehensive Sales Playbook outlining key messaging, call dialogue flows, objection handling, and email nurture sequences.
  • A campaign-based approach, making it easy to scale up or down.
  • An Australia-based, highly-trained team of native English-speaking Sales Development Reps (SDRs) with the experience and ability to pitch your message to the right prospects at the right level.
  • Delivery and reporting is structured to suit vendor MDF programmes.

How does Lead Acceleration work?

Our proven approach ensures your message is delivered to the right person, in the right tone and at the right time.

Each integrated telesales and nurture campaign is structured with five phases:

  1. Intensive planning – We collaborate closely with you to develop your target prospect list and a comprehensive, bespoke Sales Playbook.
  2. Upfront testing – We call a sample of prospects to A/B test your key messaging, refine our approach and optimise your campaign budget.
  3. Campaigning – The campaign consists of calls, nurture email and follow ups. Appointments and opportunities are provided in real-time.
  4. Refining continuously – No ‘set and forget’ approach here. We collaborate with you throughout the campaign to maximise your budget.
  5. Evaluating and reporting – Our reporting ensures you have clarity on campaign ROI and can be used for any Proof of Execution (PoE) your vendor MDF programme might require.

Ready to accelerate your lead gen?

Discover how we can make a measurable impact on your business growth.

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